Is Your Feed a SUPERFEED?

This year has been difficult in many ways and apart from Covid-19 we have seen difficult growing conditions for cereals in particular.

However for me cereals remain as one of the best feeds, along with forage, for beef, growing cattle, sheep and even dairy cows.

Unfortunately there is still a requirement for extra protein and trace elements. Over the years I have found that adding good quality protein concentrates to cereals can result in an ideal mix for growing/finishing or indeed milking animals.

The right types of protein and balanced trace elements are critical, that’s why I believe the Scotmin Superfeed range of concentrates is second to none. Quality products do cost a little more however with that we get quality performance which is cost effective.

Adding from 2 to 8, 25kg bags of Superfeed per tonne of cereal can provide (along with forage) everything an animal needs with finished cost per tonne around £170-£220.

If cereal availability is a problem, then I have used some of these products as top dressed on silage, particularly for store or growing cattle, with great success.

Feeding between 200-250g/head/day costs only 20-25p/head/day.

Speak to your Scotmin Sales representative today to find out how SUPERFEED could work for you.