Improve Ewe Performance with ProPlus Pre-Tupping

ProPlus Pre-Tupping is a high energy feed tub designed specifically to be fed to both ewes and rams throughout the tupping period.

Getting the right nutritional balance at this time is important as over fat ewes and thin ewes never perform well, with many of them taking longer than expected to come on to heat when rams are turned in. Ideally, ewes should be at 3, and tups should be 3.5 on the body condition scoring scale. Tups will lose some condition during the mating period due to the effort they will be exerting, therefore it is important they carry slightly more condition. One condition score is equivalent to around 12% of body weight, so a 70 kg ewe scoring a 2.5 would need to gain 8.5 kg of weight.

ProPlus Pre-Tupping includes salmon oil, as a source of Omega-3, to support egg development and lamb vitality, as well as high quality rumen by-pass protein and fat. Generous levels of Phosphorus, Zinc, Selenium, and Vitamin E are incorporated to help support the reproductive system by way of improving ovulation, implantation and lamb survival.

ProPlus Pre-Tupping is ideal to be fed to both hill or lowland ewes, costing 3-5p per head/day and is available in 20kg and 80kg sizes.