Be part of the Biosprint® Success Story


On the market for over two decades, Biosprint is a unique strain of live yeast that is proven to improve milk yield, generate extra live weight gain and improve overall farm profitability.

Accepted for use in dairy, beef and sheep, Biosprint can be used to improve rumen function and feed conversion efficiency.

The dairy cow feeding trials presented to the European Feed Safety Authority (EFSA) have demonstrated up to 2 litres of extra milk production. At current milk prices, just 1 litre improvement in milk production would be worth 6.5 times the investment in Biosprint!

Costing just 4p per head, daily returns in beef cattle can be equally impressive. Trials submitted to EFSA average 10% improvement in daily live weight gain and with AHDB Beef & Lamb currently reporting the average live weight price of all Prime Beef cattle at 250p per kilo, at just 1.1kg daily gain, this is equivalent to a return of 6p for every penny invested in Biosprint.

At higher growth rates the benefit will increase but naturally all livestock and feeding stuffs vary and individual costings depend upon individual circumstances.

Growth rate is not the only benefit, in a trial of 64 finishing Limousin steers (32 treatment, 32 control) the Biosprint fed group improved LWG by 10% and improved carcass conformation and killing out percentage.

Biosprint has also been approved for use in finishing lambs so there is an opportunity to get lambs to the market sooner and to improve efficiency throughout a sheep enterprise.

Safe and simple to use, Biosprint is available as a farm mix or added into complementary feeding stuffs so it can easily be incorporated into the diet.