Formed in 1979, Scotmin Nutrition began as a family business supplying nutritional supplements to local farmers, growing into one of the largest supplement businesses in the UK.  Our nutritional experts have over 100 years combined experience in dairy, beef and sheep nutrition to help ensure that our customers achieve maximum performance at minimum cost.  We can do everything from analysing your silage to developing a tailor-made ration for your animals.

As part of our company ethos we strive to reduce our carbon footprint through efficient logistics and by shipping over 57% of our bulk mineral materials via the Port of Ayr, a mere two kilometres from our factory. Our product range includes mineral supplements, molassed mineral tubs, protein concentrates, forage additives and specialised products.

In June 2010 Scotmin joined Carr’s plc. Our combined knowledge and expertise will ensure that our customers continue to receive top quality products, produced in Scotland.

Our Services include:

PRE-CUT GRASS TESTING Results usually back within 48 hours! Dry matter; protein; water soluble carbohydrate (sugars) and free nitrate analysis help advise farmers on when is the right time to cut.

FORAGE ANALYSIS An assessment of your silage will predict the feeding value (energy, protein etc) and fermentation characteristics.

FORAGE MINERAL CHECK Full mineral and trace element profile – An ideal tool to identify any macro and trace element issues on farm.

MILK TRACE ELEMENT ANALYSIS An analysis of herd trace elements to help assess the efficiency of milk production.

RATION ADVICE Complete nutritional service for all ruminant production systems from our qualified technical staff