Covid-19 Business Update

It seems like a lifetime ago since the UK government announced a nationwide lockdown, forcing non essential businesses to close their doors in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

During lockdown we are proud to say that Scotmin has been able to continue serving the agricultural community through the diligent efforts of our entire team.

A number of social distancing measures and safe working practises have been adopted at our manufacturing plant in Ayr, to ensure that we continue producing products in a safe and sustainable way. Our dedicated sales and technical teams remain on hand, working from home to answer any questions you may have. The production team is working harder than ever, producing essential products for both UK and EU agriculture, whilst our drivers remain fully operational, adhering to safe working practices in order to continue delivering goods direct to farm across the United Kingdom.

The Scotmin procurement team have been working behind the scenes to ensure that manufacturing continues with as few
interruptions as possible. At this moment in time our supply chain remains intact and our existing stock remains healthy.

As we look to the future there appears to be a glimmer of light on the horizon with UK and Scottish governments considering easing social distancing measures. There is undoubtably a long way to go before this virus is under control, however we would like to thank our staff for their continued efforts during these unprecedented times, and offer gratitude to our customers for everything they do to in order to feed the nation.