Superfeed Protein Balancers

Scotmin’s range of protein balancers suit every production system, from growing youngstock to intensive finishing beef or sheep.

Take advantage of the low barley price this winter and incorporate one of our balancers to your ration.

Superfeed balancers are formulated to include high quality ingredients such as Hi-Pro Soya Bean Meal, Prairie Meal, Rapeseed Meal and Urea*1. These are combined with a blend of major and trace elements to create a well-rounded supplement that compliments a wide range of diets. Biosprint live yeast is included as part of the Superfeed range, research proven to improve DLWG by up to 11%, improve carcass confirmation and improve feed conversion efficiencies.

Speak to our technical team today to find out how Superfeed can be incorporated into your feeding system.

*1 Superfeed 60 excludes Urea

*2 Superfeed Supercod excludes Biosprint