New Megastart Suckler Cow Mineral


MEGASTART Suckler Cow mineral is the latest innovation from Scotmin Nutrition, adding to the already hugely successful range of MEGASTART pre-lambing and pre-calving supplements.

MEGASTART Suckler Cow is designed to be fed to suckler cows both pre and post calving, supplying all the necessary minerals and vitamins required for a healthy cow and calf. With a high level of magnesium, this mineral is suited to all year round supplementation.

The weather proofing included makes it suitable to feed outdoors in a trough, top dressed, or included in a TMR. MOS is included to promote a healthy gut, with optimum levels of zinc and iodine included to aid the immune system response. High Vitamin E and selenium levels help to increase the quantity of colostrum, a vital factor in the early development of the calf’s immune system. The selenium level also helps combat typically low levels seen in UK forages. Megastart Suckler Cow recommended feeding rate is 100-150g per day, costing only 8-12p head/day. Available in 25Kg Bags.

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