NEW Brassica Balancer

Brassica Balancer Cattle and Brassica Balancer Sheep are two exciting new feed tubs launched for this winter season, designed to balance the mineral deficiencies of brassica crops such as kale, forage rape, turnips, and swedes.

Brassica Balancer contains high levels of protein as RDP and DUP to feed both the rumen and the animal. Calcium and phosphorus are included at optimum levels to balance the typically low levels found in brassica, with an essential oil blend being incorporated to stimulate dry matter intake and increase feed conversion efficiency. Brassica Balancer Cattle can be fed exclusively to cattle, or Brassica Balancer Sheep can be fed in a mixed grazing situation as no additional copper is added.

The Brassica Balancer range offers a convenient cost-effective method of supplementing livestock 24 hours a day. Daily feed intakes range from 100-200g head/ day cattle, and 50-150g head/day in sheep, depending on the age and size of the animal.

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