Introducing MEGASTART Hydro Boost


Calving is a stressful period for any cow due to the large physiological demands placed upon her body. Prior to calving both appetite and thirst tend to be reduced leading to hunger and some degree of dehydration post calving.

Once calved, there is a new demand on the cow’s body which is the production of milk. It is at this time the cow is at greatest risk of milk fever. In a well-managed dry cow ration, such as incorporating Megastart Dry Cow Mineral or Megastart Pre-Calver tubs, dietary calcium is low, and magnesium is high helping prime the cow’s body for the mobilisation of calcium from the body reserves. However, post calving it is essential to get the cow consuming sufficient supplemental calcium to maintain normal serum calcium levels.

The most effective way of delivering supplementary calcium is via its inclusion in a post calving drink which not only provides the additional calcium but provides rehydration and additional electrolytes to the cow. Megastart Hydro Boost is a new innovation from Scotmin Nutrition which goes further than other rehydration drinks by supplying more calcium in a readily soluble form along with a larger energy contribution to give the cow more get up and go.

In addition, Megastart Hydro Boost contains Biosprint, a live yeast, designed to help during dietary transition from a low energy fibrous diet to a high quality, potentially starchy, milking ration.