Coughing and Respiratory Irritation in Calves and Sheep

Coughing and Respiratory Irritation in Calves and Sheep

Respiratory-related illnesses in livestock can have a significant financial impact on farm profitability. The estimated cost to the UK cattle industry alone is thought to be upwards of £80 million annually, with costs ranging from £30 for mild cases to £500 for cases such as pneumonia resulting in death. (source:

Respiratory-related illnesses are most prevalent during the autumn and winter months when cattle and sheep are housed. Much like humans, the damp cold conditions can have a detrimental effect on the animal’s overall health and wellbeing. Young animals are especially susceptible to respiratory related illnesses as they have not yet developed a natural immunity to infectious organisms.

The natural way to fight against respiratory irritation in livestock

Containing a combination of menthol oil, eucalyptus oil, aniseed and garlic MEGALIX Menthol offer a natural solution to tackling respiratory-related illnesses. With a full complement of vitamins, minerals and trace elements MEGALIX menthol is perfectly formulated to supplement housed livestock during the autumn and winter months.

Low cost feeding for calves and sheep

The low required intakes 5-20g lambs and 30g-50g calves, means MEGALIX Menthol is extremely cost effective to feed. Costing only 1-3p head/day for lambs and 4-7p head/day for calves.

MEGALIX Menthol is available in 8kg and 20kg tubs.