Superfeed Focus

Take advantage of the low market price of feed barley and supplement your livestock with Superfeed. Designed to balance home grown forages, cereals and other straight feeds.

There is a Superfeed in the range to suit most feeding systems.

Whether it is:

  • beef, intensive or semi-intensive
  • sucklers
  • replacement heifers
  • pregnant and lactating ewes
  • growing or fattening lambs
  • creep feeds

The range has a balancer for the job.

The natural protein balancers are all formulated using high quality materials including Hipro Soya Bean Meal, Prairie Meal and Rapeseed Meal.  Carefully blended with minerals, trace elements vitamins and oils to enhance energy content as well as imparting a healthy bloom on livestock.

Superfeed is both versatile and flexible and allow the efficient use of home grown forage.  Our experienced nutrition department can formulate home mixed cereal diets to balance what feeds are available and to best advantage.

Using Superfeed can be beneficial over straight proteins; the products are easy to use and fully mineralised for typical rations, the product is weighed into convenient bags with no losses or waste.  Unlike straights, product can be bought in convenient lots without tying up cash for months on end.

Superfeed M

Our best selling protein balancer, is available in 25 Kg bags.  High energy, with linseed oil to enhance bloom and the renowned Biosprint live yeast included as standard.  Vitamin E content has been increased and copper incorporated making this a top class product for growing & finishing cattle.  Typically used with medium to good quality silages Superfeed M balances the protein requirement with sufficient rumen by-pass protein for high performing livestock.

Superfeed S

The sheep version of Superfeed is a tried and tested combination of quality by-pass protein with a mineral package to balance the requirements of ewes in late pregnancy and early lactation.  Biosprint is included to promote healthy rumen function, increased Vitamin E content, extra cobalt and now Vitamin B12 together with added thiamine (Vitamin B1).

Thrivon SuperCOD 

A traditional formulation, high energy supplement for all stock – rich in cod liver oil, Thrivon SuperCOD will put a healthy bloom onto animals.  Especially beneficial to young stock supplying a range of essential vitamins with the benefits of being high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Noted for its success in pedigree livestock Thrivon SuperCOD has been a beneficial tool for showing and can be introduced into the diet 6-8 weeks prior to the event.  Thrivon SuperCOD is designed to complement the Superfeed range.