Scotmin Nutrition offers the latest innovation in livestock nutrition, with the introduction of MEGAMINS™ powered minerals. MEGAMINS™ minerals have been scientifically developed over the last 2 years to deliver one of the UK’s most comprehensive ranges of livestock nutritional solutions.

Studying forage results and taking into account new legislative requirements has allowed the team at Scotmin to produce one of the most contemporary off the shelf product ranges available.  The MEGAMINS™ range is designed to exactly meet the needs of Dairy, Beef and Sheep farmers with the range being developed to avoid unnecessary over supplementation, which can be extremely expensive and superfluous to nutritional requirements.

MEGAMINS™ products include only the most bioavailable raw materials in order to allow livestock to achieve their potential and maximise production efficiency.  Biosprint live yeast has been incorporated into the MEGAMINS rage to further enhance animal performance, with trials conducted in the UK confirming that the inclusion of Biosprint live yeast in ruminant diets will improve feed conversion efficiency, allowing livestock farmers to achieve more profitable livestock.

The MEGAMINS™ range also includes specialist products such as MEGAMINS™ Rumen Buffer and MEGAMINS™ Biobind.  Whatever the on-farm feeding system, there is a MEGAMINS product to suit, with products available to feed as part of a TMR, free access or top dressed.