MEGASTART Improves Colostrum Yield

MEGASTART Dry Cow improves colostrum yield!

To substantiate anecdotal evidence that MEGASTART Dry Cow and Pre-Calver products are improving colostrum production in cattle, Scotmin Nutrition commissioned a trial at Myerscough College*. This trial looked at the effect of supplementing pregnant Holstein cross Friesian cows with MEGASTART Dry Cow 4-6 weeks pre-calving, when compared to an ordinary dry cow mineral.

The outcome of the trial was a statistically significant extra 1.96kg of colostrum (P=0.024) produced by the MEGASTART group at first milking.

Culled percentage

This 35% increase in colostrum production immediately post-calving is good news; extra nutrition (fat, total solids, proteins, electrolytes, vitamins etc.) for the neonatal calf, just when it is required!

Looking at immunoglobulin (Ig) content there is more good news. The increased colostrum yield did not come with reduced colostrum quality as can be the case with other products. In this trial the Ig content of the colostrum was not statistically different between control and cows receiving MEGASTART resulting in an increased yield of IgG.

Colostrum weight

The huge reduction in cows culled for not conceiving in the MEGASTART group suggests a stronger immune response and improved egg quality.

Keeping just one extra cow in the herd for another lactation saves the rearing cost of a replacement heifer (£1819 average, MDC data) or allows another heifer to be sold to improve farm income.