Megasile Silage Additives

Megasile and Megasile HDM are the latest innovations from Scotmin Nutrition. The two multi-strain forage ensiling additives are specially designed to increase the speed of silage fermentation, ensuring that optimal
nutritional values are preserved.

Megasile Benefits

  • Faster fermentation (pH drop) – Achieving a stable silage more quickly
  • Reduce DM and protein losses – Preserving more nutrition in the silage
  • Increase silage energy, digestibility and palatability
  • Increases silage intakes for improved animal performance
  • Application Rate: 1.5g/tonne

Megasile HDM Benefits

  • Rapid and sustained pH drop to preserve the nutrients in the silage
  • Reduces yeast and mould growth after clamp opening
  • Increases aerobic stability – Silage stays palatable for longer after feedout
  • Application Rate: 1.5g/tonne

MEGASILE Silage Additives table

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