AGMA FG85 Calcined Magnesite

Whilst many supplement manufacturers work at least cost formulation, Scotmin considers it more important to use the highest quality and most bioavailable raw materials at levels required by the animal.

AGMA FG85 Calcined Magnesite is the leading magnesium source on the market and has been used in the manufacture of Scotmin supplements for over 25 years.  Not only does it have high magnesium content but studies carried out by Glasgow University show AGMAFG85 to be the markets most bio-available and consistent product.

(Parker & Hemingway 1989, Parker, Ritchie & Hemingway 1989).

Availability %

Product Trial 1 Trial 2
AGMA 27.0 27.1
Navarras 26.0 23.2
Chinese 11.0 12.6
Greek 15.5 12.6

A more recent study conducted in Holland showed that 50% more magnesium was absorbed by animals fed AGMA FG85 compared to those fed Chinese Cal Mag.

The very consistent particle size found in AGMA FG85 is the single most important factor influencing its efficacy.  Our phosphorus sources are chosen for their consistently high purity and have superior biological value to most of the phosphorus sources on the market.