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MEGALIX Quattro Mag Buy 10 get 1 FREE

Buy 10 and Get 1 Free MEGALIX Quattro Mag/MEGALIX Quattro Mag Sheep


This following terms and conditions for “Buy 10 get 1 Free” will be referred to as the (promotion).

The promotion is exclusive to UK and ROI.

This promotion is exclusive to Scotmin Nutrition retail customers.

MEGALIX branded products are sold through a network of distributors who reserve the rights to offer their own promotions.

MEGALIX Quattro Mag Cattle and MEGALIX Quattro Mag Sheep are both available with the promotion buy 10 get 1 free.

The promotion is directly associated with the 20kg pack sizes

The promotion will only be available on full priced products bought for the recommended retail price.

The promotion will run from Wednesday 1st March 2017 until Friday 28th April 2017.  Orders made within this time must be delivered and received on or before Wednesday 31st May 2017.

Orders of 50 x 20kg tubs will be eligible for 5  free tubs, this will be delivered on a single pallet with the capacity to hold all 55 tubs (1.1 Tonne)

Free product breakdown:

20kg tubs:        Buy 10 x 20kg (200kg) get 1 x 20kg (20kg) free

                             Buy 20 x 20kg (400kg) get 2 x 20kg (40kg) free

                             Buy 30 x 20kg (600kg) get 3 x 20kg (60kg) free

                             Buy 40 x 20kg (800kg) get 4 x 20kg (80kg) free

                             Buy 50 x 20kg (1000kg) get 5 x 20kg (100kg) free

Orders of 80kg tubs will also be eligible for free product with the free product being made up of the smaller 20kg tubs:

80kg tubs:       Buy 4 x 80kg (320kg) get 1 x 20kg (20kg) free

                            Buy 8 x 80kg (640kg) get 3 x 20kg (60kg) free

                            Buy 12 x 80KG (960kg) get 5 x 20kg (100kg) free