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ProPlus Pre-Tupping

ProPlus is a leading range of molasses feed tubs that supply livestock with high energy from sugars and protected fat, whilst providing protein from high quality hypro soya (Digestible undegradable protein). 

Designed to help balance low protein diets and highly fermentable grass based diets,  the ProPlus range is carefully balanced with vitamins, minerals and trace elements allowing livestock to achieve optimum performance.  The ProPlus range can be incorporated into a number of on farm feeding systems, and is a convenient way to supplement livestock 24 hours a day.

Key Features:

  • Combination of DUP and urea to complement mature pasture (DUP - Digestible undegradable protein)
  • Protein and energy lick designed to promote optimum fertility in both the ewe and tup at tupping time.
  • Provides high energy in the form of protected fat. 
  • Full range of trace elements to encourage ovulation.

Feeding rate:

Sheep 30g-50g head/day

Available in 20Kg and 80Kg* tubs

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