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Scotmin Product Range

The Scotmin products range includes, feed supplements, molassed mineral buckets and forage additives for today’s beef, sheep and dairy farmers. 

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Biosprint Farm Mix

Biosprint is a specific live yeast which optimises feed efficiency and consequent animal performance. It stimulates the rumen appetite to achieve efficient and profitable production.

Beef Biosprint Mineral

Beef Biosprint is the best selling beef mineral produced by Scotmin. Specifically formulated to balance farm feed and supply Biosprint for efficient beef production.

Megastart Pre Calver

A supplement for non-lactating cows in the latter stages of pregnancy. Incorporating a high quality MOS.

Megastart Ewe and Lamb

A feed tub for highly productive ewes to be fed as lambing time approaches. Includes a high quality MOS

Megastart Dry Cow Mineral

MEGASTART Dry Cow has been research proven to increase colostrum yield by 35%. This high quality mineral is designed to be fed to the pregnant cow in the last 4-6 weeks of gestation. .

Megalix Quattro Mag Cattle

Megalix Quattro Mag is a high magnesium tub to be fed during staggers risk periods.

Megalix Quattro Mag Sheep

Megalix Mag Quattro Mag Sheep is designed specifically for sheep at staggers risk periods.

Megalix Sheep Booster

Megalix Sheep Booster is ideal for sheep that have cobalt deficiency.

Megalix Garlic Grazer

Megalix Garlic Grazer designed to reduce the risk of infection from fly strikes and other biting insects.

Megalix Complete

High specification lick for lactating dairy and suckler cows.

Megalix Cattle

High quality cattle mineral lick with protected copper for year-round use.

Megalix Cattle Extra

Specially formulated for the beef cow, summer or winter.

Megalix Menthol

A natural way to help reduce the incidences of respiratory irritation in calves and lambs.

ProPlus Complete

ProPlus Complete is ideal for maintaining condition of grazing stock all year round, containing high levels of protein and energy from sugars and protected fat.

ProPlus Cattle

A supplement for cattle to balance deficiencies of a pasture based diet, includes high levels of protein from soya bean meal and a full complement of essential vitamins and minerals.

ProPlus Mag

Protein and energy lick for cattle and sheep that contains four sources of magnesium for the ultimate protection against staggers.

ProPlus Mag Cattle

Protein and energy lick designed specifically for cattle, containing four sources of magnesium for the ultimate protection against staggers.

ProPlus Pre-Tupping

Protein and energy lick designed to promote optimum fertility in both the ewe and tup at tupping time.


MEGAMINS Dairy is a powdered mineral for low to high yielding dairy cattle.


MEGAMINS Dairy Plus is a powdered mineral for medium to high yielding herds.


MEGAMINS Cattle is a powdered mineral for low yielding dairy cattle, suckler cows and growing stock.


MEGAMINS Suckler is designed specifically to cater to the needs of the suckler cow.


MEGAMINS High-Mag is a high magnesium supplement designed to help reduce the incidences of grass staggers.

MEGAMINS Intensive Beef

MEGAMINS Intensive Beef is high calcium mineral designed to supplement the diets of growing and finishing animals

MEGAMINS Calf Menthol

MEGAMINS Calf Menthol is designed to help alleviate respiratory problems in calves and provide essential vitamins and trace elements for growing cattle.


MEGAMINS Sheep designed to carefully balance the diet of sheep.

MEGAMINS Intensive Lamb

MEGAMINS Intensive Lamb is designed specifically to meet the needs of intensively reared lambs.

MEGAMINS Biobind Safe

A mycotoxin binder that combines 6 different raw materials to ‘mop up’ the main mycotoxins that can be found in ruminant feeds, especially forages and cereals.

MEGAMINS Rumen Buffer

A selection of mineral buffers to ameliorate problems associated with sub-optimal rumen pH. Useful for ruminants on high starch/cereal diets.

Superfeed M

Superfeed M is a leading protien balancer for suckler cows, calves, store and finishing beef cattle.

Superfeed 60

Superfeed 60 is designed to balance the diets of animals fed poor quality roughage, straw or intensive cereal diets.

Superfeed S

Superfeed S is designed to balance the requirements of the ewe in late pregnancy and early lactation.

Thrivon SuperCOD

Thrivion SuperCod, a product with pedigree - traditional formulation favoured by discerning stockmen for over 8 decades.

Bactasile Original

Contains three homofermentative bacterial strains for fast, efficient fermentation to reduce the risk of butyric silage with reduced feed value and palatability.

Bactasile HDM

A partnership of two heterofermentative bacterial strains for a more stable fermentation of forages with a dry matter of more than 30%.