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Megastart Pre Calver

A supplement for non-lactating cows in the latter stages of pregnancy. Incorporating a high quality MOS designed to improve gut condition.

The key to a successful breeding enterprise is the production of healthy and lively offspring, using Megastart Pre Calver is a great tool to that enables Beef and Dairy farmers to achieve this.

Key Features:

  • A supplement for non-lactating cows in the late stages of pregnancy.
  • Incorporating high quality MOS designed to improve gut condition.
  • High levels of both selenium and vitamin E for quality colostrum and optimum calf vitality.
  • Low in calcium and high in magnesium to stimulate the cow’s metabolism and help reduce the risk of milk fever.

Available in 20kg and 80kg* tubs

Feed rate:150g head/day

* 80Kg tubs, subject to minimum orders of 12 tubs and multiples there of (12 tubs to one pallet 960Kg)


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