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Avoid the risk of grass staggers this spring buy using the UK's first magnesium tub that boasts four sources of highly bio-available magnesium. Megalix Quattro Mag combines two quickly available sources of magnesium with two slowly released sources, giving livestock protection against the risk of grass staggers. For more information and pricing then contact our customer service team on 01292 280 909 or alternatively email

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Whether you produce beef, lamb or milk, high quality produce only comes from the healthiest animals. Production systems need to be safe and efficient with the growing pressure to ensure environmentally sustainable agricultural practise. These issues demand more from your feed and supplement suppliers. At Scotmin, our aim is to provide today’s livestock farmer with farm-specific nutritional solutions. The best solutions require expert analysis of feed. This means we need to understand your farming system from specific production goals through to detailed forage, milk and water analysis. Our highly qualified technical team interpret the various factors and produce diets with specific supplements to produce best value and right results.

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