5% Extra Free on orders of Beef Biosprint and Biosprint Farm Mix


Order before Thursday 20th December and you will receive 5% extra free on every ½ Tonne ordered. Delivery must be taken on or before Thursday 31st January 2019. Biosprint probiotic live yeast (MUCL39885) is authorised for use in dairy, beef and sheep diets. Scientifically proven to improve rumen fermentation and digestion efficiency Biosprint has been successfully used in a range of Scotmin products to significantly boost livestock performance. Biosprint Farm Mix incorporates this live yeast, with research confirming that an increased milk yield of up to 2 litres per day can be achieved.

Beef cattle supplemented with Beef Biosprint can also achieve significant production gains increasing DLWG by up to 8%. This leads to shortening the finishing period by three weeks, the equivalent to a saving of 250kg in total diet per animal, and a vastly improved return on investment.

For more information please call: +44 (0) 1292 280909 or email: info@scotmin.com. View our full product range here.